Comic Feature
43 appearances (over 43 pages) from issue no. 1 (24/09/77) to no. 43 (15/07/78).
All were printed in black and white.

'Supporting Life' featured a different Football Club each week in comic strip form and was hosted by Plug's football mad little brother, Elvis Plugsey.

43 clubs appeared: 29 from England, 11 from Scotland, 1 from Wales (Wrexham) and two fictional clubs - Plug Comic's own Antchester United (issue no. 30) and Plugtown United (39).


The strips often made play of the club's nickname or ground and always included a 'Roll of Honour' of their achievements. In most cases a black and white photo was used to supplement the artwork and was usually of a past or present player. In West Ham's case it was Alf Garnett as one of their most famous supporters; in Leeds United's it was "singer"/ actor Windsor Davies.

Both clubs from DC Thomson's home town were featured - Dundee (issue no. 11) and Dundee United (no. 32). Along with Celtic, Dundee United featured the highest number of photos for a club with three - David Narey, Paul Sturrock and Andy Gray. Celtic's trio were Kenny Dalglish, Lou Macari and David Hay ('King' Kenny's photo also appeared on the Liverpool page, making him the only player to feature for two clubs). A statistic unbeknown to me until I read the Dundee FC page was that they had reached the semi-final of the European Cup (1962/63).

The strip ran during the 1977/1978 season, a time when Liverpool held the record of most League titles (10 - Arsenal had 8, Everton and Manchester United had 7), Elton John was the chairman of Watford and a bloke called George Best played for Fulham.