Comic Feature / Readers' Feature
75 appearances (over 101 pages) from issue no. 1 (24/09/77) to no. 75 (24/02/79).
Issue nos. 1-18 and 33-75 were printed in colour, the rest in black and white.

The Plug Sports and Social Club was the readers' letters page. Readers could join the club by completing a coupon with their name and address and posting it along with a 35p postal order to DC Thomson. In return they would receive two "Sporting Supergoon" sew-on badges and a "Fabulous Folding Sports Chart."

Each week Plug would solicit letters about "your sporting triumphs or disasters, your pals, your pets, even your teacher." If they were published, they would win a sports cap and vest.

As comics went to press several weeks before they appeared in the shops, the letters printed in the first seven weeks were "submissions" from characters from PLUG strips (the first was by Charlton Veston of Ava Banana).

There were also a few features: -
'Rabbit Hole' ("a chance for readers to rabbit on about their pet hates" - issue nos. 1, 2 , 4 and 10)
'Plug's Commercial Plugs' (spoof adverts, issue nos. 1, 3, 5, 7, 11 and 12)
'Plug's Funny Look at Football Sayings' (issue nos. 2 and 4)
'Professor Chambers Plugsey's Daft Dictionary' was to feature words beginning with a different letter "each week." 'A' and 'B' appeared in issue nos. 6 and 7, but 'C' and later 'N' were delayed a week. 'O' was delayed four weeks before appearing in issue no. 26. 'P' appeared the following week, but was the last one.

Issue no. 9 saw the first 'real' letter (from Susan Crummet, Brierfield, Lancs) and the first photo (Gary Prosser, South Shields, Tyne and Wear). Photos of readers also appeared in issue nos. 15 (the first one in colour), 34, 35, 68 (whole page devoted to photos), and 71.

The 'Great Goonavision song contest' appeared in issue no. 8, with the list of winning entries and winners appearing in issue nos. 20 and 22. In the intervening week there was a colouring competition, 'Supergoon Masterpiece.' The winners for this were announced in issue no. 31 on the Tony Jackpot page. There, the previous week had seen a competition to win one of 50 PLUG belts that were up for grabs. Readers were asked to list their three favourite and three least favourite stories and to "think up a slogan using the letters of the word PLUG." Yes, this was the origin of those acronyms that became known as "plugisms." A few of the winning entries (9) appeared in issue no. 44, with the winners' names announced over the following two weeks.

However, they were not the first "plugisms" to appear; that honour goes to
"Plug Looks Unbelievably Great!" (Digby and The Games Gang pages) and
"Plug Lights Up Gloom!" (Supporting Life) in issue no. 42, followed by
"Plug Lovers Usually Grin!" (Digby and Antchester United),
"Plug Lights Up Gloom!" (The Games Gang),
"Plug Laps Up Gags!" and
"Plug Lights Up Gloom!" (Plug) in issue no. 43.

Issue no. 73 was 'Let's Face It! A special Feature Page Featuring the Features of Percival Proudfoot Plugsey' and contained no input from readers. It was probably a left over - a page with the same title (but differing content) had appeared in issue no. 56 of the Plug strip run.