75 appearances (over 75 pages) from issue no. 1 (24/09/77) to no. 75 (24/02/79).
All were printed in colour.

Before having a comic named after him and having his own strip, Plug, or Percival Proudfoot Pugsley to give him full name, began life in 'The Beano' as one of 'The Bash Street Kids.' Although Plug says in issue nos. 8 and 12 (in an advertisement)," I can still be seen with all my Bash Street pals in 'The Beano' every Wednesday", Bash Street is never mentioned in the Plug strip.

Plug lives in Plugton with Mum, Dad, little brother Elvis and his pets Chunkee the Monkey, and Pug the dog. Pug also began life in 'The Beano', in a strip called 'Pup Parade,' which featured all the Bash Street Kids' dogs (Plug himself was initially called Pug). In issue no. 59, Plug's pigeon, Walter, revealed the Plugsleys address as he wrote a postcard home - ' Plugsley Villa, Earwaggle Avenue, Plugton'.

As sport was the motif of PLUG, it was the theme of most of the stories (alongside such activities as Deep Sea Diving, Chess and Tiddlywinks) before petering out after issue no. 55. Only one sport featured more than once - football (issue nos. 3, 36, 38 and 40).

There were two out-of-the-blue science fiction stories (issue nos. 26 and 42). The first was based on Earth; the other saw Plug flying around Space in his space ship. It wasn't his first trip into space; he had managed to pogo to the moon on a "bionic jumping stick" in issue no. 22.

Four other stories that veered wildly away from the sports theme can only be described as "weird" and occurred towards the end of the run (issue nos. 63, 66, 72 and 75). They featured John Pain (John Wayne), John Revoltin (guess), King Kong and Van Wrestling (Vincent Price).

In issue nos. 46, 56 and 67 the usual strip was replaced by Plug based comic features: - a poster of Plug, 'Let's Face It! A special Feature Page Featuring the Features of Percival Proudfoot Plugsey', and a 1979 Calendar ('Plug's Sporting Year').

Elvis (Plug's little brother) was seen 20 times and Mum 16 times between issue nos. 1 and 69, whereas Dad was seen only five times (nos. 24, 30, 35, 37 and 55). Plug's sister, Prunella, appeared in the Violent Elizabeth strip in issue no. 46, but is not seen in the Plug strip.

Chunkee the Monkey, Plug's pet and companion, appeared in most of the strips (only missing from 17), whereas Plug's other pet (Pug) was seldom seen (issue nos. 35, 61, 69 and 74). In issue no. 15, Elvis exclaims at one point "Oops! I forgot - we don't have a dog!" [ If Supporting Life can be trusted, Elvis had a dog of his own, 'Barkley'(issue no. 18) ...and a cat, 'Prudence' (no. 23)]

Although Plug featured in almost all the other PLUG strips at some point, only one other strip featured in Plug's own. In issue no. 19 Plug's 'activity' that week was providing the half-time entertainment at the Antchester United v Gnat's Forest match by beating a drum. In the two stories previous to this, Plug had met Tony Jacklin (issue no. 17) and played tennis with Bjorn Borg (no.18).