ANNUALS No PLUG annuals were published.
COMPETITIONS Send in a funny name for Plug's baby racehorse (issue no. 6 / winners issue no. 21)
Great Goonavision Song Contest (issue no. 8 / winners issue nos. 20 / 22)
Supergoon Masterpiece Colouring competition ( issue no. 21 / winners issue no. 31)
P.L.U.G slogan competition (issue no. 30 / winners issue nos. 44 / 45 / 46)
COVER STRIP None. As with CRACKER comic before it, there was no strip on the front cover. Instead, the cover was usually a scene based on the Plug strip that appeared on the back cover that week.
EVERY Saturday
FIRST AND LAST The first edition of PLUG was dated 24 September 1977, the last (no. 75) was dated 24 February 1979. Seven strips - Antchester United, Digby, Eebagoom, First Ada, Hugh's Zoo, Plug, and the Plug Sports and Social Club - appeared in both issues. The last issue contained the news (announced by Plug on the inside cover) that PLUG would be merging with THE BEEZER the following week.
FORMAT With four exceptions (issue nos 4, 5, 6 and 7, which had 24 pages), 20 pages, each around 11 x 8 inches (28 x 21 cms), stapled. Front and back covers and the centre pages were in colour as were pages 4, 7, 14 and 17 (4, 6, 7, 9, 16, 18, 19 and 21 in the 24 page issues).

Where the motif in CRACKER was horror, in PLUG it was sport. Any similarity with CRACKER ended there; PLUG was a big departure from previous DC Thomson humour comics. There were the traditional strips, but in others the humour was 'zany' or 'wacky' (or was meant to be). Some of the artwork could only be described at best as "minimalist." Conventional speech bubbles often went out of the window. There were no advenure strips. Gone also were those rhyming couplets in the top margin.

FREE GIFTS Issue no. 1 The Screamin' Demon Balloon
Issue no. 2 Plug's Mugs Funny Face Maker
Issue no. 3 Plug Super Glow Mask
[ Issue nos. 4 to 7 had four extra pages ]
Issue no. 19 The Hummazing Jazzoo
Issue no. 20 A Luscious Lollipop
IF 'PLUG' WAS STILL GOING... ... the current issue would be 2254 (dated 27 November 2020).
PRICE Each issue cost 9p. To have bought all the copies of PLUG at the cover price would have cost £6.75.
RECORDS SHORTEST RUN and LEAST PAGE AREA - Bedtime Story, a series of text stories, made 6 appearances over 1½ pages. Followed by Eddie Daring with 17 appearances over 17 pages.
LONGEST RUN - Digby, Eebagoom, First Ada, Hugh's Zoo, Plug, and the Plug Sports and Social Club - appeared in every issue.
LARGEST PAGE AREA - Antchester United - 130 pages (all colour). Followed by Hugh's Zoo - 118 pages (all black and white).
SUMMER SPECIALS No PLUG summer specials were published.
THE BEEZER PLUG ran for 75 issues before joining with its DC Thomson stable mate THE BEEZER, in its old large-format version. The first issue of THE BEEZER AND PLUG was No. 1207 (03/03/79). The 'new fun-chums' BEEZER readers got to meet were Antchester United, Eebagoom, First Ada, Hugh's Zoo and Plug . All except Antchester United had been ever-presents in PLUG. (Poor Digby missed out after appearing in every issue; Tony Jackpot appeared in all but the last issue.) The four-centre pages of the amalgamated comic were renamed 'The Best Of Plug' (they had previously been 'The Best Of Cracker'). When separated and folded, they formed a half size, eight page 'mini-comic'. Two strips carried over from 'The Best Of Cracker' into 'The Best Of Plug' - Scrapper and Jest A Minute. Plug and Chunkee took over the running of Jest A Minute from CRACKER's Sammy. The Plug Sports and Social Club continued to exist, but its presence in the comic was reduced to occasional invitations that appeared at the bottom of the Jest A Minute page for readers to join (with a rather snooty "Only UK readers need apply"). 'The Best Of Plug' ran for 108 weeks to issue no. 1314 (21/03/81), the last edition of the large format BEEZER. Plug and Hugh's Zoo reappeared the following week in the reduced sized ('A4') BEEZER. Hugh's Zoo ended sometime in late 1983, Plug lasted to issue no.1603 to become the most enduring PLUG character.
XMAS Two PLUG issues appeared with Christmas covers - issue nos. 14 (24/12/77) and 67 (30/12/78).
[ issue no. 13 (17/12/77) contained a 'Cool Yule Poster' and The Bandshees' Christmas story;
issue no. 66 (23/12/78) had no Christmas content. ]