Comic Feature
57 appearances (over 57 pages) from issue no. 19 (28/01/78) to no. 75 (24/02/79).
All were printed in colour.

In the first instalment (issue no. 19), Plug's Uncle Ebeneezer explains that he and his "handsome nephew" have written a series of fascinating guide-books. That week's was 'A Guide To Good Eating' and was acted out by Plug and Uncle Ebeneezer - the guide-book was the page itself. Most of the titles were 'A guide to...', but sometimes Plug would "study" or "take a look at" a subject. In issue no. 58, Plug read nursery rhymes to his little cousin Egbert [a story that also featured Hugh (of Hugh's Zoo), Crazy Horse and The Plug Bugs].

Plug appeared in all but one of the features. He was missing in the third week (issue no. 21) when Uncle Ebeneezer "took a look at antiques" with Arthur Noyuse (a thinly disguised Arthur Negus). Uncle Ebeneezer continued making introductions and took small parts in the 'books', but they became fewer and fewer and he only appeared once (issue no. 69) in the last twelve strips.

Uncle Ebeneezer did introduce Plug's four part historical pageant that appeared in issue nos. 51 to 53. The last instalment featured The Plug Bugs in one frame as Man (ie Plug!) landed on The Moon in 1969.

As Plug slept on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus took over the strip (issue no. 67) with 'A Guide To The Problems Of Being Santa Claus' (one of which is filling The Plug Bugs' sweaty socks... ugh!)

Three issues (nos. 46, 49 and 62) were given over to the 'Nutcase Photo Album', which featured readers' photos of themselves. A solicitation for such photos first appeared in issue no. 38, when Plug entreated us to see his photo album.

The eight issues from nos. 36 to 43 were subtitled 'Guide Books For Goons.' The next eight were not. The sub-title returned sporadically from issue no. 52 until the end of the run (no. 75).

Ava Banana appeared in issue no. 24 ('A Guide To Good Manners').
Rollerball (from The Games Gang) and Digby appeared in issue no. 27 ('A Guide To Insulting').