32 appearances (over 32 pages) from issue no.44 (22/07/78) to no. 75 (24/02/79).
All were printed in black and white.

Equine based entertainment with a boy and his horse.

Lightning is Jockey's trusty steed and appears in most of the stories. He is missing from issue nos. 58 (a donkey derby), 59 (a rodeo - see below), 64 (Jockey makes a merry-go-round from his old rocking horses), and 69 (Jockey is looking after his cousin Denzil). He disappears within the first couple of frames in issue nos. 45, 49, 56 and 63. In issue no. 55, Jockey makes up the numbers for a game of polo using a hobbyhorse that his auntie gave him. At the end of the story he sees Lightning reading a copy of 'Plug'. "Well," thinks Lightning, "He said he liked hobby-horses, so I took up a hobby - reading 'Plug'!" In issue no. 65, Lightning is given a contract to play Black Bess in a Dick Turpin film by the famous film director Alfred Stitchsock, after seeing him with Jockey delivering coal (Alfred Stitchsock also appeared in the first issue of PLUG in the Gnoo Faces strip).

Jockey's rival is Harvey Brush (a play on the names of two prominent show-jumpers from the 1970s - Harvey Smith and David Broome). He appears regularly in the first 18 stories (13 times), but not so much in the last 14 (3 times). Another character name based on a 70s show jumper is Lucinda Prior- Engagement (cf Lucinda Prior-Palmer). She appeared in issue nos. 49 and 61.

Harvey is usually the villain of the piece, up to tricks such as feeding Lightning the wrong food or loosening his horseshoes, and usually gets his comeuppance. He has his day in issue no. 59 when Jockey cheats in a rodeo - using chewing gum on his jodhpurs to stick himself to the horse. However, the jodhpurs were well and truly stuck to the horse, and Jockey had to ignominiously walk away in his spotted boxer shorts.

Plug starts to appear early on, in the title or last frame of issue nos. 46, 47, 49 and 50, before appearing in the stories of issue nos. 52 (initially standing by a fence but latterly being part of a hate mob who manhandle Harvey Brush for cheating), 53 (saying "Hi, fans!" in the first frame) and 54 (having a letter shoved in his gob by Jockey as he delivers the mail on Lightning.

In issue no. 56, Plug and Chunkee enter THE PETS GRAND NATIONAL at Upson Downs Racecourse. After the Elephant and its rider are left stuck in the gate, the mole and its rider are disqualified for burrowing under the fence, the pig unseats its rider to wallow in the mud, Harvey Brush is unseated by his kangaroo and Chunkee leaves the course after seeing a spectator eating a banana, Jockey is the remaining rider (on Toby, his tortoise - he left Lightning at frame 1) and is the winner - crossing the line in the middle of the night.

Jockey's mum appears seven times (issue nos. 52, 60, 62, 64, 67, 68 and 70). Other relatives seen are his cousin Denzil (69 and 73) and an Uncle Barnabas (62).