Comic / Comic Adventure
50 appearances (over 100 pages) from issue no. 26 (24/09/77) to no. 75 (18/03/78).
All were printed in black and white.

The Plug Bugs are a race of disgusting and unattractive one-legged creatures that originally lived and spent their days wallowing in smelly swamps on the planet Nebulus. That was until a new civilisation, the Nebs, arose on the clean side of the planet and set out to clean the planet up. With their salutes and dress, the Nebs resemble a cross between ancient Romans and the Nazis. Their chief, Nostrillus, tells his troops (paradoxically, with a nod to Churchill) - "We'll wash them in the air. We'll wash them in the sea. We'll wash them on land!"

Confronted with troops and tanks spraying clean water and air freshener, the Plug Bugs file on board the 'Plugship Enterprise' and depart for The Moon (that's the Earth's moon, not Nebulus') to start new lives. Nostrillus is not satisfied, he wants the 'pongy' ones exterminated.

Thereafter, the vast majority of the stories are about the clashes between the two groups. No prizes for guessing who came out on top most, although the Plug Bugs were on the receiving end in issue nos. 40, 42, 45, 50, 66 and 67. At the end of that last story (which was in the Christmas 1978 issue and sub-titled 'Good Swill to All Men'), the Plug Bugs see that it is snowing and run outside to enjoy the 'dirty' weather. Unfortunately, Nostrilus' idea of a white Christmas was to bombard the Plug Bugs with snowflakes... and then spray them with hot water.

Quite a few of the early stories (issue nos. 28, 30, 32, 33, 36, 37, 41 and 43) are about the Plug Bugs themselves. The story in nos. 36 and 37 was a two-part affair and involved the first two English 'chaps' on The Moon taking a Plug Bug back as a specimen. He returned in Doctor Who's Tardis. The Plug Bugs were visited by two more English 'chaps' (from the Ministry of Pollution - a "strong, horrible pong" had been picked up at the "advanced whiff warning station" on Earth) in issue no. 71. Other stories not featuring battles with the Nebs were in issue nos. 54 and 69.

From issue no. 45 (where the Nebs have imposed a 'curphew'), the Nebs seem more content in occupying and harassing the Plug Bugs than eliminating them outright. In that issue the Plug Bugs resistance is led by William Smell. In no. 52 "NEBS GO HOME" is seen written on a wall. In nos. 59, 68 and 72 respectively, the Plug Bugs are made to look for jobs, forced to take driving tests, and made to use parking meters for simply standing around.

In the last story (in the last issue of PLUG), the Plug Bugs avoided ending up in THE BEEZER AND PLUG when a family of Plug Bugs spent the money that they had earned appearing in a soap commercial on parts from a scrap yard and built a spaceship. Honestly.