75 appearances (over 118 pages) between issue no. 1 (24/09/77) and no. 75 (24/02/79).
All were printed in black and white.

Hugh's Zoo consists of a menagerie that inhabits the cages, trees and pond of the family garden. No mere petting zoo is this, amongst the animals that Hugh describes as his "pets" are an elephant, an octopus and a whale.

He is accompanied in the strips by his toddler of a brother Chug-Chug (the name possibly deriving from the noise of an infant sucking a dummy). Chug-Chug only missed two issues, nos. 45 (the first single-page strip) and 52. Hugh himself was missing from one story - issue no. 56, which featured instead, Hugh's dog Bowfer and a tortoise discussing the Meaning Of Life. OK, the advantages and disadvantages of having or not having a shell.

Bowfer the dog first appears in issue no.7, described to Hugh by his dad as "that dog of yours." The name was revealed the following week. He is next seen again in issue nos. 13/14/15, and from no. 23 onward is absent from only a handful of issues

Other animals to appear often were Starsky and Hutch (a pair of rabbits), Monty the python ("he used to work in a circus" - Hugh), Parky / Parkie the parrot and Bamber the owl. There was also an octopus called - you guessed it - Olly (it being mandatory in comics for any octopus to be called 'Olly'), who first appeared in issue no. 11. In issue no. 13 Hugh manages to address him as 'Olly' and 'Ollie' within two frames.

Hugh's mum, a fair haired lady, made 28 appearances between issue nos. 3 and 74; 29 appearances if you count his "other" mum, a dark haired lady who appeared in issue no. 20 (and who bore more than a passing resemblance to First Ada's mum - the artist for both strips was the same).

Dad made 14 appearances between issue nos. 7 and 73.

First Ada appeared in issue nos. 22, 38 and 67 (Hugh appeared in First Ada in nos. 19 and 53).
Digby the Human Mole appeared in issue no. 45.

Photos were used early in the strip (issue nos. 1,2,4,5,10) and in issue nos. 38 and 41.

Solicitations for drawings or pictures of pets appeared in issue nos. 5, 6 and 10, and resulted in one photograph printed in issue no. 15 (under the heading of "Reader's Pet") and four drawings printed in issue nos.19, 21, 22, and 26 (under the heading of "Readers' Pets").