Comic Adventure
18 appearances (over 18 pages) from issue no. 58 (24/09/77) to no. 75 (15/07/78).
All were printed in black and white.

In the first story, Gulp ('Plug' backwards) is summoned to Earth from the planet 'Ylgu' ('ugly' backwards) by Plug's mum when she asks her son, "PLUG! DON'T GULP YOUR FOOD!". Gulp, it transpires, will eat anything.

At some point before the next episode Gulp swallows a dictionary, which causes him to use big words (and speak in an old fashioned vernacular). The first ten stories are elaborately drawn with a lot of detail. In contrast, the format in issue no. 68 is 3 x 3 frames with starkly minimalist art and (with the exception of issue nos. 69 and 73) it remains that way until the end of the run.

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