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25 appearances (over 25 pages) from issue no. 1 (24/09/77) to 25 (11/03/78).
Issue nos. 4, 5, 6 and 7 were printed in colour, the rest in black and white.

Gneville, Gnoopert and Gnorman are three wannabe showbiz gnus who live in the jungle (a British colony given the bobbies that appear in issue nos. 4 and 7). We first see them as they gatecrash Alfred Stitchsock's filming of 'The Sleeping Fawn' (think 'Bambi') singing "There's Gno Biznizz Like Show Biznizz." Unceremoniously dismissed from the filming lot, they later see an advertisement for "TV SPECTACULAR - GNOO FACES - GREAT TALENT SHOW" and decide to enter. They are the first act on and are introduced by the compere, a horse by the name of Derek Horsebone, as the Young Degeneration. The judges - Mickie Musk (a skunk), Lionel Bear (a bear), Arthur Aardvark (guess) and Tony Scratch (a cat of some description) - are not impressed. As the winner is announced (Zena Macaroni, singing "Mama She's Making Pies For Me"), the trio declare, "We'll be back."

And so they were. Most of the stories take place in the 'Gnoo Faces' Studio. On two occasions they are successful. In issue no. 7, the panel make them the winners as they limbo dance into the studio after the doorman wouldn't allow them in. In issue no. 17, Gneville, in drag as Danny La Gnoo, wows the panel.

In issue no. 13, the trio plan to enter the Gnoorovision Song Contest, but can't decide which song to sing. They settle on 'Rock Bottom.'


In issue no. 20, Gneville is a contestant on the quiz programme 'Fastermind', hosted by Mongoose Mongooson. In the following three weeks, the trio appear with their Uncle Arthur Gnoogus on 'Gnooing For A Song' (hosted by Plug), become TV Gardeners after seeing Percy Chucker on an outside broadcast, and are hired as cowboy actors in 'High Gnoon'.

In issue nos. 17, 24 and 25, Yak Parnell and Tony Blackbun replaced Lionel Bear and Tony Scratch. Yak Parnell first appeared in issue no. 12.