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43 appearances (over 43 pages) from issue no. 1 (24/09/77) to no. 43 (15/07/78).
All were printed in black and white.

The Games Gang were a group of kids who played games and pastimes together, usually at each others house (eg darts, pinball, snooker) with appearances of the odd Mum or Dad, and occasionally outdoors (eg skateboarding, kite flying).

There were eight members of the Games Gang - six boys (Fuzz, Meltem John, Reggae, Magnus Spike, Rocky and Rollerball) and two girls (Mooriel and Bee-bop [ Be-Bop from issue no.16 ] ).

Fuzz, Meltem John, Reggae and Magnus Spike first appeared in issue no. 1 and were identified in the first frame by names pointing to them with arrows. Rocky, Rollerball, Mooriel and Bee-bop (along with Fuzz and Magnus Spike) appeared the following week, though Bee-bop was only identified as such in issue no. 8, her third appearance.

Only one story featured all eight, issue no. 21 when they were playing at'dogs' (!). The story with the fewest participants was an all-boys affair (Meltem John, Magnus Spike and Rollerball) in issue no. 30, where they played dominoes. Other stories lacking the two girls were issue nos. 1 (with four boys), 10 (5), 25 (4) and 36 (4). Rollerball and Magnus Spike made the most appearances with 40. Rollerball had the longest consecutive run with 27 (issue nos. 2 to 28), narrowly beating Magnus Spike with 26 (issue nos. 1 to 26). Reggae made the fewest appearances with nine. For the record, Mooriel made 38, Meltem John 37, Rocky 33, Fuzz 31 and Bee-Bop / Be-Bop 17.

games_gang_3.jpg From left to right - A Games Gang Mum, Towser the dog, Rollerball, Magnus Spike, Fuzz, Rocky, Be-Bop, Mooriel, Meltem John and Reggae (from issue no. 21 - the only story that featured all the Games Gang)