Comic / Comic Adventure
75 appearances (over 75 pages) from issue no. 1 (24/09/77) to no. 75 (24/02/79).
All were printed in colour.

The story begins on Blackpool Beach, Holiday Week 55 BC. Eebagoom and his Uncle Albert, two Lancashire warriors, spy a Roman galley coming ashore and run away. Julius Sneezar (afterwards, Sneezer) claims Britain in the name of Rome. The ancient Britons regroup to fight and Eebagoom and Uncle Albert are captured as slaves to be sent to Rome.

The following week they escape, only to be caught again...and again...and again..via Wigan, Salford, Hadrian's Wall , Wales...

Eebagoom inhabits an anachronistic world where the Britons are still in the stone age (think 'Carry On Cleo'), and Romans with Italian accents and Vikings co-exist in the same era. Cod Latin mingles with references to tripe, black puddings and whippets.