32 appearances (over 32 pages) from issue no.44 (22/07/78) to no. 75 (24/02/79).
All were printed in black and white.

Doctor Rotcod - Rotcod is "doctor" backwards - we are told in the first frame, runs a rest home for backward animals. Drib ("bird" backwards) announces himself at Dr Rotcod's surgery in the middle of the night. "They call me that 'cos I do everything backwards..." he says (in a frame later reused on The Boom Boom Page in issue no. 63). Dr Rotcod makes him his assistant.

The animals that come to the surgery (it is a surgery rather than a rest home) are dysfunctional specimens such as a pig that doesn't like muck, a clumsy swan and an elephant that forgets. One way or another they get cured.

In issue no. 51, Plug becomes an in-patient. While visiting the 'rest home' to see how the doctor is getting on, he confesses that he has a problem. Doctor Rotcod jumps to conclusions and thinking it must be his ears and sets about curing him with pills and potions. Told by Plug that his ears are "yako" and in good working "redro", the doctor sets about his eyes. No, not that. His teeth? No, not that either. Turns out that Plug's problem was that he had lost his pet monkey, Chunkee.

Other PLUG characters to visit the page are a (clean) Plug Bug (regaled with "Stick to your own page, you 'Gulp Sgub'") in issue no. 61, and First Ada in no. 75.