57 appearances (over 57 pages) from issue no. 19 (28/01/78) to no. 75 (24/02/79).
All were printed in colour.

In the first story, Farmer Innes Den replaces Crazy, his cart horse, with a new electric milk float. Crazy takes it for a spin and crashes it into the duck pond. "That's it, he's got to go" fumes Farmer. The second story continues with Farmer giving Crazy his marching orders and Crazy sets forth into the wide blue yonder and a series of comic adventures.

The only other continuing story occurs over issue nos. 57 and 58 when Crazy tries both weeks to sneak into Longfleet Safari Park for a holiday. Four weeks later (in issue no. 62) he tries to sneak into Smith's Zoo, but is ejected by the elephants.

Weirdly, he appears back with Farmer on the farm in issue nos. 69, 73 and 75.


"Jimmy Saddle?" That name sounds familiar...