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75 appearances (over 75 pages) from issue no. 1 (24/09/77) to no. 75 (24/02/79).
All were printed in colour.


As with CRACKER comic before it, there was no strip on the front cover. Instead, the cover was usually a scene based on the Plug strip that appeared on the back cover that week. There were few exceptions.

The cover of issue no. 44 was used to plug (sorry) the fact that five new stories were starting that week (The Boom-Boom Page, John Squeal and his Hopeless Hounds, Jockey, Violent Elizabeth and Doctor Rotcod and Drib).

Two weeks later there was no back page strip. It had been replaced by a Plug poster (an artist on the cover drew the "masterpiece"). The strip was also bumped from issue no. 56, this time by a comic feature. The cover that week was unusual as it featured a photograph of a boy wearing a PLUG cap and T-shirt and reading a copy of PLUG (issue no. 42) with two other PLUG comics (nos. 35 and 39) on his lap. Plug made a cameo appearance in the bottom left-hand corner.

A similar photograph graced the cover of issue no. 68. This featured two young boys sat on skateboards and holding a copy of PLUG (issue no. 39, again), but this time no Plug cameo. Is this the only cover not to feature Plug? Plug appears in one form or another on all the other covers. In issue no. 39 he's in the form of a playing card (joker, natch). If you look closely at the photograph you can see the card. The two young boys can be seen in a black and white photo with another lad on The Boom Boom Page in issue no. 59.


The only other significant photograph to feature on the cover (there had been small ones of a boy wearing a PLUG cap and vest in issue nos. 36 and 38), was of Daley Thompson (no. 64). Previous to this, several stars from sport had been drawn or caricatured [James Hunt (issue no. 11), Nadia Comaneci (12), Bjorn Borg (18), Ally McLeod (41), Leighton Rees (48) and a group of athletes, from which I can only identify Geoff Capes (47)].

Other appearances were made by stars of TV - Pam Ayres (issue no. 58) - and film - John Wayne (63), John Travolta (66), and Vincent Price (no. 75 - the very last issue) using the aliases of Pam Plugsey (Plug's cousin), John Pain, John Revoltin and Van Wrestling.

Apart from Plug (and his pet, Chunkee the monkey), the only other PLUG characters to feature on the cover were The Bandshees (issue no. 19) and Violent Elizabeth (no. 74).

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