Comic / Comic Adventure
42 appearances (over 42 pages) from issue no. 1 (24/09/77) to no. 42 (08/07/78).
All were printed in black and white.

The Bandshees are a group of honey-monster like creatures who have formed a band, but are excruciatingly talentless. They are Dikibo (keyboard), Fangus (guitar), Hanz (drums) with Zappa and Muncher on vocals. A head-on-a-spring-wearing-a-top-hat called Pyongo appears early on, but is rarely seen after the first few stories. For some inexplicable reason the band are always described as "Fresh From Their Successful Tour Of Mars".

Hairoiled Chancer is the Bandshees' manager and is first seen in issue no. 7 and in most of the stories thereafter. He is the subject of a Plug's Bedtime Story that intruded onto the Bandshees' page in issue no. 36.

In the first story in issue no. 1, the Bandshees admit they are "not very good" and ask the readers "to send in a song or two." Any songs printed would win the writer a PLUG cap or a PLUG vest. More solicitations appeared in issue nos. 2, 4 and 7, before the first "songs" began to appear from issue no. 12 onwards. I say "songs" as they were really poems (issue no. 14 was a limerick) or, at best, lyrics. I realise that not many readers would have been able to read (or even write) sheet music, but maybe someone could have written something "to be sung to the tune of..."

Eight songs appeared from issue nos. 12 to 19, then nothing until issue no. 29 when another solicitation for songs was made. It must not have had the desired effect as it produced only one more song, and that appeared twelve weeks later in issue no. 41, the penultimate appearance of the Bandshees.

[In issue no. 8, the Plug Sports and Social Club page ran a competition called 'The Great Goonavision Song Contest' whereby the entrants had to unscramble anagrams of recent chart hits. In addtion, they had to supply a name for a song that could be a hit for the Bandshees. The winners would come from the correct entries with the funniest Bandshees song title.The top fifty song titles were printed (seemingly, in no particular order) in issue no. 20. The winners' names were printed two weeks later]


In the course of its run, the Bandshees played two British tours. The first was a whistle-stop tour of Swansea, Aberdeen, Newcastle and London in issue no. 24. The second took place over issue nos. 34 to 42 (the last nine stories) continuing from one issue to the next.

In the very last story the band sail into the sunset (that spells out "THE END") in a canoe saying "We'll find a nice desert island - and stay there - in peace and quiet."

Photos (black and white) were used in issue nos. 4 (Mick Jagger - he was offered the job of lead singer) and 16 (Anfield Kop - they played a gig there).

First Ada appears in the Bandshees' Christmas story of issue no. 13 dated... 17 December 1977 (couldn't they have waited till the following week!)

The Bandshees appeared on the cover of PLUG issue no. 19.