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Comic / Comic Adventure
74 appearances (over 130 pages) between issue no. 1 (24/09/77) and no. 75 (24/02/79).
Did not appear in issue no. 36 (replaced by World Cup Wall Chart).
All were printed in colour.

Other players that turned out for Antchester United were -
Willie Woodworm (issue no. 3),
Kenny Dagmidge (26),
Olly (an octopus, 39),
Dentist Law (40),
Graham Siouxness (57, an indian [native American]),
Tony Curry (60, an Indian [native of India]),
Keith Osogood (63), and
Mighty Mouth (75, the last issue of Plug).

Ivor Loudmouth is identified as 'Trainer' in issue no. 23, but is only seen in that one story (as is Maisie The Cleaning Lady).

In issue no. 57, Mat Bugsy advertises for a Chief Scout (by sending smoke signals from a fire on the pitch). He is obliged by Running Nose, who describes himself as 'Heap Good Injun Scout.' He recruited the aforementioned Graham Siouxness.

Legs Dawson (a millipede) impressed Mat Bugsy in training in issue no. 4 and was picked to play on the Saturday, but by the time he had managed to get his boots on, the game had finished.

Hazy Hartford was signed in issue no. 66. Although he never got any further than the sub's bench, he was instrumental in helping United to a draw as his bagpipe playing put off the Raverpool players.

In the early stories (from issue no. 5 to 18), the fixture was displayed in the first frame. Antchester's opponents' names would be variants of league clubs - eg Skint-Thorpe, Aston Villains, Bolton Wandwavers. The exception was v. FC La Froggie of France in a European Cup away tie (issue no. 12).

From issue no. 19 the strip increased in size to two pages as it moved to the centre pages. Although I'm not a fan of Plug Comic's two-page strips' format (where the frames are read horizontally across both pages instead of the traditional reading of the left page then the right page), the format does come into its own in the Antchester United strip, particularly from issue no. 25 onward. In that story Ally Macleod (the then Scotland football team manager at a time when Scotland had qualified for the World Cup when England hadn't) sets up Antchester United to play teams that have qualified for the World Cup.

Their World Tour itinerary is Spain (issue nos. 25 and 26) - then it's back to England to play Gnats Forest (27) - Holland (28), West Germany (29), Mexico (30), Tunisia (31), Brazil (32, below), Sweden (33), Italy (34), Hungary (35), Poland (37) and Iran (38) [issue 36 was taken up by a World Cup wall chart].

antchester utd 1

Then it's back to the likes of playing Walkingtin Town (a team of robots), Grimesby Town (trawlermen) and Alloa, Alloa, Alloa Athletic (Scottish policemen).

Plug appeared in issue nos. 52 and 54 helping Antchester beat Scareborough (ghouls) and Coldchester United ("The Eskimo Team"). In his own strip (issue no. 19), he provided the half-time entertainment at the Antchester United v Gnat's Forest match by beating a drum.