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13-Oct-2014 Stats on all Beezers
(issue nos. from 1 to 1809)
new page
13-Oct-2014 Stats on all Toppers
(issue nos. from 1 to 1963)
new page
13-Jun-2014 Beezer (A4 size) strips summary new page
10-Jun-2014 Topper (A4 size) strips summary new page
27-May-2014 Beezer (tabloid size) strips summary new page
28-Apr-2014 Topper (tabloid size) strips summary new page
14-Apr-2014 Plug Covers new section Plug Covers Gallery that displays all the PLUG front covers.
10-Dec-2013 Plug strips summary new page
04-Nov-2013 Plug Comic section added The 'BUZZ comic and CRACKER comic' web site becomes 'The Topper Universe' with the addition of a 'Plug' comic section.
08-May-2013 Cracker Covers new section Cracker Covers Gallery that displays all the CRACKER front covers. (The text regarding the last issue of 'Cracker' has been moved to Cracker Overview page / First and Last section.)
31-Dec-2012 Sparky strips summary new page
01-Jul-2012 Buzz strips summary new page
28-Oct-2011 Cracker strips summary new page
15-May-2011 8 page pull-outs new page
15-May-2011 Cracker Calendar new page
15-May-2011 Cracker Covers new page
13-Feb-2010 various added 'Cracker' section
13-July-2009 Postman Knox added new scans/text on theme of repeated jokes
13-July-2009 Freeze new 'header' scan
23-May-2009 site updates new page
23-May-2009 Buzz overview added 'if Buzz was still going...' feature
23-May-2009 Big Bad Moggy added scan of Postman Knox letter
23-May-2009 Buzzies and Fuzzies added scans from Sammy's Scribbles
23-May-2009 Freeze added scans
23-May-2009 Gus the Galoot added definition
23-May-2009 Hop, Skip and Jock added Leo Baxendale reference and scan
23-May-2009 Nobby added new 'header' scan, scan from Sammy Scribbles, more text
23-May-2009 Rooky Racers added new scan
23-May-2009 Sammy's Scribbles added new scan
23-May-2009 Wig and Wam added text

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