Welcome to the 'TOPPER UNIVERSE' web site (formerly the 'BUZZ comic and CRACKER comic' web site).
The aim of the site is to cover those comics that were related directly or indirectly with 'The Topper':-

The Topper (1953-1990) and the two comics with which it merged : Buzz (1973-75) and Sparky (1965-77),
The Beezer (1956-1990) and the two comics with which it merged : Cracker (1975-76) and Plug (1977-79), and
The Beezer and Topper comic (1990-1993)

All were published by DC Thomson & Co.Ltd and copyright of all images is with them.

Many thanks to Ray Moore for inspiration and artist information.

Any comments gratefully received (if maybe not speedily acknowledged).
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The pages can be accessed via the menu above. Hovering over the comic's name will drop down a sub-menu for pages that are available for that comic. The site started life as the 'Buzz Comic' web site and went live on 6th April 2009. It had been built using Frontpage 2000 Express (!) while I was learning HTML. The 'Cracker' section was hand-coded in HTML and was added on 13th February 2010. The 'Buzz' section was rewritten in HTML sometime afterward. On 4th November 2013 it became 'The Topper Universe' with the addition of a Plug section.
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Stats covering ALL 'Topper' comic strips (i.e. issues nos. 1 to 1963).

Stats covering ALL 'Beezer' comic strips (i.e. issues nos. 1 to 1314).

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