Comic / Comic Adventure
Speech Bubbles
Drawn by Andrew Christine

58 appearances (over 58 pages) between issue no. 25 (05/07/75) and no. 87 (11/09/76).
Did not appear in issue nos. 36. 53, 59, 68, and 77
All were printed in black and white.

What does it say on the tin (or in that rhyming couplet at the top of the first page)?
“Fun with Jimmy Kellie’s wonderful wellies! ”

Schoolboy Jimmy Kellie owns a remarkable pair of wellies. The heels have jets built into them that allow him to fly Superman-style, and rotor-blades that allow him to fly helicopter-style by putting a welly on his head ( ‘wellycopter’). Amongst other things, they also have propellers to help him underwater, a TV screen on the sole ( ‘wellyvision’) and a telephone ( ‘wellyphone’).

In the first story, Jimmy answers a call from Scotland Yard via the ‘wellyphone’ as “Special agent Jimmy Kellie ”. Strangely, this is the only time he is described as such. The only other allusion to such a career is in issue no. 45 where he receives a can of cine film (dropped on his head from a ‘carrier welly’ – a welly with wings) that “must be from the boss. ”

The second story is over two parts (issue nos. 2 and 3) and sees Jimmy rescuing Kojohn actor Welly Savalas, who had been kidnapped (as Sammy had informed us on Jimmy’s ‘wellyvision’ in the opening frame). In issue no. 4 Jimmy helps Glasgow comedian Billy Connwelly to recover his stolen wellies. They had been stolen by “stinking comedian John Cheese ” (Although this is almost certainly a play on the name ‘John Cleese ’, the Cleese family surname was formally 'Cheese'. His father, Reginald Francis Cheese, had changed it in 1915 so as not to be teased when he went off to to the trenches). Another famous personality Jimmy got to meet was Alan Whacker, “the dreaded documentary film maker ”, in another two part story (issue nos. 39 and 40). Jimmy was looking for some jewel thieves in the jungle at the time. The stories as Jimmy-the-crime fighter/detective gradually gave way to more and more stories of mundane matters as Jimmy-the-schoolboy taking on bullies and Jimmy-the-son being whacked with a slipper by his dad.

Where Jimmy got his wellies from is never revealed, but if issue no. 66 is anything to go by he simply bought them from a shop. In this story Jimmy tells us his wellies are looking a bit shabby, decides to buy a new pair and heads off to the “WELLY BOOTIQUE ”. After two hours of dithering, Jimmy is unceremoniously booted out of the shop by the owner.

The only other two part story in addition to the two mentioned above was over issue nos. 57 and 58 and introduced us to Jimmy’s nemesis Super Socks. Super Socks reappeared in issue nos. 64 and 80.

Jimmy appeared in Slojak (along with Fred of Fiends Beans) in issue no. 57.

A strip called 'Wonder Wellies' also appeared in BUSTER (1983-85).