Speech Bubbles
Drawn by Ken Harrison

23 appearances (over 23 pages) from issue no. 1 (18/01/75) to no. 23 (21/06/75).
All were printed in black and white.

What does it say on the tin (or in that rhyming couplet at the top of the first page)?
“When darkness falls at Skookum Skool – spookie skoolkids play the fool!”

Along with The Headhunters (two pages) and The Snookums (one page), part of the four centre pages Skooldaze spread that appeared in the first twenty-four issues (except for issue no. 24 when Little ‘Orror appeared instead – even though ‘The Spookums’ appeared on the Skooldaze banner).

Spookum Skool first appeared on the back cover of BUZZ issue no. 60 (09/03/74), and stayed there until issue no.103 (04/01/75). It was a spin-off of Skookum Skool which had been in BUZZ from the first issue (and went on to appear in every issue). Skookum Skool also transferred to CRACKER, initially as The Headhunters in issue no. 1, becoming The Headhunters of Skookum Skool the following week.

The teacher/unruly pupils theme of Skookum Skool was repeated in Spookum Skool with a twist – they were long-dead ghosts and lessons in such subjects as flying, making things float, and ‘The History Of Haunting’ took place in Skookum Skool at night.

BUZZ readers would have known the names of the four pupils – Phatty Phantom, Giddy Ghoul, Headless Henry, and Skinny Spook. CRACKER readers would have to wait until issue nos. 2, 5, 6 and 21 respectively.

From issue no. 12 onwards, the ubiquitous Sammy would appear at the bottom of the page soliciting ‘ghostly gags’ or suchlike from readers.