Speech Bubbles
Drawn by Tom Williams

24 appearances (over 24 pages) from issue no. 1 (18/01/75) to no. 24 (28/06/75).
All were printed in black and white on page 8.

What does it say on the tin (or in that rhyming couplet at the top of the first page)?
“A haunted house, oh gosh – and a spook who cooks the nosh! ”

Why spooks need to eat is beyond me. Cookie is the ghost whose job it is to procure and cook food for a group of fellow phantoms. Initially, where they live is referred to as ‘haunted castle’ (issue nos. 3 and 4) but in issue no. 7 and later is described as a ‘haunted house’ (in issue no. 13 they haunt a country house). The spooks that appear differ from week to week and only two are ever named (three if you class ’Phantom Piper’ as a name). A moustachioed old gent wearing a suit of armour is called ‘Spookie Knight’ (issue nos. 5 and 15), and a skeleton is called ‘Bony’ (issue no. 9 – ‘Boney’ in issue no. 24).

The subtitle of the strip isn’t quite accurate in issue no. 16 as Cookie sets out to prove that spooks can be friendly by making some humans a slap-up meal, and there’s not another ghost in sight.

Sammy usually appears at the bottom of the page (not in issue nos. 3 and 8, and in the middle of the strip in issue no. 2) with a ghostly gag. In issues nos. 12,13,14,20,23, and 24 these are credited to readers who win £1 for their effort.