Speech Bubbles
Drawn by Barry Appleby

63 appearances (over 126 pages) from issue no. 25 (05/07/75) to no. 87 (11/09/76).
Apart from issue no. 33, nos. 25 to 40 appeared across the centre pages in red/black.
The rest of the strip was printed in black and white.

With his bald head and lollipop, Slojak is a junior version of the 1970s US TV detective Kojak, played by Telly Savalas. The description of him in the first story as “CRACKER’S crime-bustin’ super-tec! ” is surely ironic. His first ‘case’ is to discover the culprit who glued Young Foo’s feet to the floor, pinched the Editor’s braces, Podge’s last bag of toffees, and Hector The Collector’s dad’s apples from his orchard. As Slojak pushes his cousin Mervin’s pram over a bump and apples, toffees, and braces fall out, they assume (wrongly – it was Mervin) that it was Slojak himself, and chase him into the distance. The following week Slojak ends up with his head stuck between the bars of a cage at the zoo in his attempt to track down a missing Sammy. In the third story, Slojak is chased from a dalmation farm (only in comics…) by an angry pack of dogs. He had been looking for the spots that had been stolen from Curly, Billy The Kid, and Hector The Collector’s dominoes. To add insult to injury, the spots hadn’t been stolen – the trio had been looking at the backs of the dominoes. This portrayal of Slojak as well meaning but bungling (cf Dunder Ed and Curly’s Commandos) lasted another four weeks before he caught his first crook in issue no. 32.

From then to issue no. 66 the story endings are of varying fortunes. From issue no. 67 to the end (twenty-one weeks), with only a couple of exceptions, Slojak successfully catches a crook each week.

Billy The Kid also appeared in issue no. 46 (with Pongo).

In issue no. 57, Slojak’s task is to find Jimmy Kellie’s ‘stolen’ Wonder Wellies and Fred’s ‘lost’ Fiends Beans. When Slojak discovers they have played a trick on him, he pours Fred’s beans into Jimmy’s wellies. Result – two large boots that kick the troublesome twosome up the backside.

In issue no. 85 Rip Van Tinkle appears in the strip; seven pages further on in the same comic Slojak appears in Rip Van Tinkle. Rip also appeared in Slojak the following week.

Sammy would appear most weeks to make an observation in the last frame.