Speech Bubbles
Drawn by Tom Lavery

85 appearances (over 85 pages) from issue no. 1 (18/01/75) to no. 85 (28/08/76).
All were printed in black and white.

What does it say on the tin (or in that rhyming couplet at the top of the first page)?
“He’s fighting mad – this scrap-happy lad.”

You would hardly think so from the first story, where Scrapper ‘borrows’ Mum’s clothes line prop, Dad’s bucket, and an OAP’s ear trumpet (!) to re-enact “The Battle Of Khyber Pass” with his pal Jimmy, after they’d just seen the film in the cinema, and gets a whacking for his troubles. This storyline, like many others throughout the strip, wouldn’t have been out of place in a BEEZER Ginger strip. Quite a few others could easily have graced a Dennis The Menace page. A lot of the stories have a tenuous link to fighting and Scrapper is an amiable, happy-go-lucky lad. Nevertheless, Scrapper gets his first fight the following week.

The mood does change from issue nos. 59 to 78, with the introduction of a new format (five rows of frames instead of four, plus a Sammy joke at the bottom of the page) that more or less sticks to the initial brief. These seem to have a bearing on the five stories in the original format that interrupt this run (nos. 61/62, 65/66, and 76).

Scrapper was one of seven strips to transfer to BEEZER AND CRACKER when the two comics merged. The other six were Billy The Kid and Pongo, Iron Hand, Jest A Minute, Joe Soap, Little 'Orror and Young Foo.

Scrapper, are you Ginger in disguise?