Speech Bubbles

9 appearances (over 18 pages) from issue no. 79 (17/07/76) to no. 87 (11/09/76).
All were printed in black and white.

Scrapjack is a wizard who lives in an old ‘WH Pearce Removals’ van on a scrapyard earmarked for clearance by the local council in order to make way for a new motorway. Mr Bowlerblah, Chiseltown’s chief building officer, is the official who has been given responsibility for removing Scrapjack and his van (no doubt Mr Bowlerblah would say he had been ‘tasked’). Oliver is a young lad who is taking a short cut through the scrapyard when he is startled by a creature "made entirely of old car parts, with headlamps for eyes". He follows the creature (who reappears in issue no. 84, and is revealed to be called ‘Clanky’) to Scrapjack’s van. Oliver helps Scrapjack remember the word ‘Abracadabra’ as he tries to prevent council workmen towing away the van. Scrapjack, “absent-minded old fool” (Bowlerblah), forgets, but his “Abracadab” turns the towing rope into rubber and the removal is thwarted, as it would be every week.