Comic Feature
Speech Bubbles
Drawn by Ken Harrison

59 appearances (over 118 pages) between issue no. 1 (18/01/75) and no. 69 (08/05/76).
Did not appear in issue nos. 33, 41 to 47, 49 and 57.
All were printed in black and white.

If you thought that an over-cautious approach to health and safety issues was a modern phenomenon, you should read Sammy’s reports. Virtually every innocuous pastime and benign object in a child’s life is seemingly fraught with danger. For ‘child’ read ‘boy’ – all of the subjects are examined from a young male’s point of view – even ‘Ponies’, ‘Gymnastics’, ‘Dancing’, and ‘Kissing’ (ugh!). At the end of the feature Sammy displays a kit, outfit, or aid that negates the dangerous element of the subject, and are generally Heath Robinson-type looking devices. Three of these ideas were submitted by readers – issue nos. 11 ( ‘Haircuts’), 16 ( ‘Dogs’ – and resembling a submission to Mad Ads), and no. 53 ( ‘School’).

Four subjects were featured twice: ‘Sweets’ (issue nos. 15 and 38), ‘Swimming’ (31 and 48), ‘Fishing’ (34 and 63), and ‘School’ (53 and 60).

By and large the characters in the strip are anonymous. Two protagonists are named once ( ‘young Fred’ in issue no. 22, and Billy Brown in no. 36). Another, Tim, first named in issue no. 27, gradually receives more name checks (nos. 29, 37, and 38) and out of the last sixteen appearances is only not named three times (nos. 60, 65, and 66, since you ask).

The first two reports were entitled Sammy Says and came with a warning “PRIVATE! Not to read by Mums and Dads (And that goes for big sisters, too!).” In issue no. 3 the title changed to Sammy’s Special Report with the subject matter prefixed with ‘All about’ [several subjects needed an exclamation mark – ‘BULLIES!’ (issue no. 5), ‘EXCUSES!’ (6), HAIRCUTS!’ (11), ‘GETTING OUT OF BED!’ (13), ‘CYCLING!’ (14), and ‘EATING IN BED!’ (35)’]. In issue no. 35, and from no. 37 onwards, the word ‘Special’ was dropped from the title.

Not to be confused with… Panorama, World in Action.