Readers’ Feature / Comic
One/two frames with announcements to readers.
Drawn by Ken Harrison

49 appearances (over 49½ pages) between issue no. 1 (18/01/75) and no. 69 (08/05/76).
Did not appear in issue nos. 11, 15, 33, 34, 35, 41, 49, 51, 55, nor 58 to 68.

Sammy is the face of CRACKER. Though there was never a strip entitled simply Sammy, he fronted a comic feature (Sammy’s Report) and the readers’ page (Sammy’s Wacky Weekly, also its later guise of Jest A Minute) besides appearing during the proceedings in other strips and in the bottom margin of many a page to tell jokes or solicit them from readers.

This page covers the (untitled) appearances he made, usually on the inside page of the front cover. His first appearance there was in a single frame in the first issue, introducing himself and asking the readers to show CRACKER to their friends and informing them of more free gifts in the following weeks. In the weeks to come Sammy would use the page to tell jokes, declare his favourite strip that week, and encourage the readers to send in drawings for the Ghastly Geezers’ Gallery (which he also fronted), jokes, and completed ‘Readers Choice’ forms from his 'Wacky Weekly' page.

Sammy used the pages to announce competition prize winners in issues nos.10, 14 (Ghastly Geezers), 17, 18 (Odd-Bods competition), 22,23 (Heads-you-win competition), 26, 27 (Ask a silly question competition) and 52 (Spot the shadow competition).

Sammy’s dog, Flash, made his first appearance in issue no. 3, and ‘spoke’ for the first time in issue no. 8 (to solicit ‘doggy’ jokes for 'Sammy’s Wacky Weekly').

In issue nos. 6,7,16,17,25, and 57, the feature supplied the punch line to a ‘feed’ of a joke that had appeared on the front cover.

Between issue nos. 29 and 48 (not 33, 34, 35, or 41) the page was given over to a series of faux photographs of other CRACKER strip characters under the title of ‘Snap Happy’. Thereafter, the page fizzled out – the last four appearances only covered half-a-page each and three of the last five (issue nos. 53, 56, and 69) were ‘adapted’ (ie virtual reprints) from issues 17,12, and 53 respectively.