Speech Bubbles
Drawn by David Easington

72 appearances (over 72 pages) from issue no. 16 (03/05/75) to no. 87 (11/09/76).
Issue nos. 16 to 34, and no. 36 were printed in black and white, the rest appeared on the back cover in colour.

Little ‘Orror has fangs, wears a cloak and top hat (as well as short trousers), and has a devilish sense of humour. He’s in his element frightening people with rats, worms, spiders and impersonations of ghosts and werewolves. What is bad to normal people seems the opposite to him: nightmares are sweet dreams, he sends ungreeting cards, and spends his holiday in a graveyard.

In the first story, Sammy introduces Little ‘Orror (as “the nastiest little horror you could hope not to meet”) and his pet bat Beastly, which appeared regularly,. Sammy reappeared in the strip at the end of the story in issue no. 44, and also in the two Christmas issues (nos. 49 and 50), in the latter with other CRACKER characters.

Other pets to have featured besides Beastly were Diddums (a spider, issue no. 26), Puff the Dragon (47), and Creepy (another pet spider, 70). In Issue no. 82 Little ‘Orror tells us “Beastly isn’t my only pet, you know” and introduces us to Rupert the rattlesnake, Kenniff the skunk, and Vince the vulture.

‘Orror’s parents appear only fleetingly :- Dad in issue nos. 17,.22,.37, and 45; Mum in 60, 80 and 81. Granny, a witch, appears in issues 19, 23, and 60. In issue no. 57 ‘Orror introduces his “dear sister”, Little Madam. However, in issue no. 61 he describes her as his “cousin”. Other cousins (if indeed they are) are Little Angel (issue no. 38), Little Devil (61) and Little Marvel (63). Their mother is presumably “Auntie in Transylvania” who, in the Easter 1976 issue of CRACKER, sends ‘Orror a huge Easter egg. ‘Orror imagines it’s filled with sweets – it’s not, it’s a dragon that promptly chases him.

Rip Van Tinkle appears in issue no. 72.

In issue no. 86 ‘Orror stole Fred’s Fiends Beans and fed them to his Mum’s “disgustingly nice poodle” and also to Beastly. The poodle turned into a werewolf and promptly buried ‘Orror’s skeleton in the front garden. Beastly turned into “a sweet little dicky bird”.
“Fiends Beans must work the opposite way with us fiends,” muses ‘Orror, and throws the empty tin into the dustbin. The bin grows legs, eyes, and teeth and chases ‘Orror away, to Fred’s delight.

Little ‘Orror appeared in The Headhunters Of Skookum Skool (issue no. 38), Joe Soap (nos. 40 and 44), Rip Van Tinkle and Jest A Minute (both no. 49).

This was the only true comic strip in CRACKER to feature in colour (Mad Ads, which also appeared on the back cover, was more a comic feature).

Life after Cracker : Little 'Orror was one of seven strips to transfer to BEEZER AND CRACKER when the two comics merged. The other six were Billy The Kid and Pongo, Iron Hand, Jest A Minute, Joe Soap, Scrapper and Young Foo.