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Speech Bubbles
Drawn by John Aldrich

54 appearances (over 54 pages)
between issue no. 1 (18/01/75) and no. 55 (31/01/76).
Did not appear in issue no. 49.
All were printed in black and white.

What does it say on the tin (or in that rhyming couplet at the top of the first page)?
“Badges, ties, stamps or string – Hector will save ANYTHING!”

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and kleptomania make for a dangerous combination of afflictions – if it ain’t nailed down Hector will ‘collect’ (i.e. take) it. Anything from the mundane (stamps, badges, autographs) to the bizarre (manhole cover rubbings and impressions in wet cement). Hector usually ends up being punished for his mischief, but on some occasions his hobby sees him come out on top – e.g. in issue no. 6 (while collecting tickets) he receives a cup-tie ticket for finding an airline ticket.

Inevitably, some items were collected more than once – badges (issue nos. 18 and 38), bones (25 and 31), shoes (5 and 16), string (23 and 53), waste paper (41 and 51) and coins (2 and 42 – although strictly speaking in the first instance he was collecting old coins and in the second it was simply cash).

In issue no. 12 he didn’t set out to collect anything, but on a windy day, blinded by a newspaper and a hat that had blown onto his face, he stumbled into a pair of shoes, and a sheet hung out on a washing line. He then tumbled into a pram, which careered down a hill and crashed outside the Town Hall – where they just happened to be having a jumble sale. “My dear boy! Just what I want for the jumble sale” a man exclaimed, and promptly took away the items that Hector had acquired. From this issue onwards, and more often than not, Sammy would appear at some point in the proceedings, usually at the end of the strip.

As you can see, this week Hector has been mainly collecting comics… from the ‘comicsuk’ web site!! Don’t worry Al, I’ll get them back to you as soon as possible.