Adventure Story
Speech Bubbles and Text
Drawn by Terry Patrick

35 appearances (over 70 pages) from issue no. 1 (18/01/75) to no. 35 (13/09/75).
All were printed in black and white.

The Wheeler family, Dad John, Mum, Jim and Janet (Mum’s first name is never revealed) and their dog Patch, set off on holiday on a four-seater tricycle, complete with trailer, that Dad has built. That night they camp at Stonehenge, but the following morning emerge from their tent to discover that they’re not in Kansas, sorry, Wiltshire, anymore. They are surrounded by an alien landscape of craters and steep-sided mountains. In the sky the ‘moon’ looks uncannily like the Earth and they conclude that they must be on another planet. They encounter the local inhabitants – Mekon-like beings with large heads and eyes who float on spheres – who explain it is they who have “beamed” them there. They need help as their planet is dying. A huge energy crystal that has provided them with power for over a thousand years is getting weaker every day and needs replacing. The Wheelers are in no position to refuse – there is not enough power to take them back to Earth. After building a hut and stocking up on provisions, they set out on their tricycle accompanied by a Mavip - a floating, spherical camera-radio that keeps them in touch with the planet people. On their quest, the family battle terrifying monsters, plants and terrain, as well as the Zanites – an evil race who are the enemy of the planet people.