Speech Bubbles
Drawn by Arthur Martin

59 appearances (over 59 pages) from issue no. 1 (20/01/73) to no. 59 (02/03/74).
The stories in issue nos. 3 to 40 were printed in colour, the rest in red/black.

What does it say on the tin (or in that rhyming couplet at the top of the first page)?

The 'This is Wig' and 'This is Wam' labels in issues nos. 1 and 2 became simply 'Wig' and 'Wam' in issue no. 3 and disappeared altogether the following week.

Wig is the goody Redskin ... ahem ... Native American japer; Wam is the baddy.

In issue no. 2, Wig points at Wam (who is hanging from a tree branch after an explosion muttering, "What went um wrong?"), saying "That witch doctor sure is um big noise around here!" He is not referred to as such again, and in issue no. 17 'Running Nose' seems to be the tribe witch doctor.

In issue no. 53 Wig writes to Jimmy Jinx after reading BUZZ and seeing him having fun "sliding down banisters, breaking windows, slamming doors ... ". Some time later she receives several parcels and opens them. "Whoppee!" she screams, "Jimmy's sent me a banister and a door and a window!" (Confusingly, it's actually a banister, a door and some step ladders). Wig climbs up the step ladders, slides down the banister, kicks open the door ... and knocks Wam flat on his face. Thoughtfully, Jimmy's dad has sent Wam a parcel. No prizes for guessing it was a slipper.

A strip entitled 'Wig and Wam' drawn by Sam Fair appeared in the first issue of The DANDY.