Speech Bubbles
Drawn by Tom Lavery

36 appearances (over 37 pages) from issue no. 30 (11/08/73) to no. 65 (13/04/74).
All were printed in red/black.

In the strip's second and subsequent outings the rhyme in the first frame changed to :-

They're stranded on two islands,
Just a yard or two apart.
Whenever they come face to face -
Wow! Watch the fighting start!

The first outing (over two pages, all the rest comprised one page) explains how this situation came about. Originally, the Whiteys (so-called because of their white shirts) and the Stripeys (ditto, striped shirts) are two halves of a ten man pirate crew who occupy opposite ends of a galleon - the Whiteys the 'sharp' end, the Stripeys the 'blunt' end - and argue day and night.

Eventually things come to a head and during a heated exchange the ship is broken in two. The two halves of the ship are washed up on opposite ends of a deserted island where the two groups resume feuding and end up splitting the island in two.

In this first story, the leaders of the two groups are revealed to be Will Whitey and Sam Stripey. The only other names disclosed during the run are Dopey (a Whitey) and Dozey (a Stripey).

Not to be confused with ... The Buzzies and the Fuzzies (Buzz, 1973-75), The Hillys and the Billys (Beezer, 1956-58, 1961-64, 1988-90), The Snobbs and the Slobbs (Nutty, 1980-85), The Swots and the Blots (Smash, 1966-71) ...