Adventure Comic
Speech Bubbles and Text
Drawn by Bill Holroyd/Albert Holroyd

13 appearances (over 26 pages) from issue no. 91 (12/10/74) to no.103 (04/01/75).
The strip was printed in colour across the centre pages.

Old Timer Uncle Dan - or Doctor Daniel Dawson to give him his full name and title - travels the Wild West in a stage coach with the young Dawson twins - nephew Ned and niece Nan - selling quack cures, remedies, and other concoctions which often land him in trouble.

These were sporadic and out of sequence reprints of originals that had appeared in THE BEEZER in 1966 [The original run was 51 weeks from issue no. 526 (12/02/66) to no. 576 (28/01/67); the stories up to issue no. 557 (17/09/66) were in colour, the rest black/red]. Disappointingly, the Christmas story that featured in the Christmas 1966 issue of THE BEEZER was not used in the Christmas issue of BUZZ (issue no. 102). Nor was the very last story from the original run (when Uncle Dan finally decides to call time on his wanderings) used in BUZZ no. 103, the last edition of BUZZ. Dan's adventures in BUZZ issue nos. 99 and 100 formed a two-part story.

Not to be confused with ... Uncle Dan The Menagerie Man (Topper 1953-57)