Speech Bubbles
Drawn by Bill Ritchie

61 appearances (over 122 pages) from issue no. 1 (20/01/73) to no. 61 (16/03/74).
The first seventeen outings were printed in colour across the centre pages, the rest in red/black.

The 'Twitz' are five young lads who work (and play) at the Hotel Ritz .Their boss is the overbearing and grouchy Mr Grumpp, the commissionaire, and their leader is pageboy Billy Buttons. Only two of the other four are ever named. The cook is called 'Charlie' in, and only in, issue no 4, and the straight-haired, blond kid is called 'Tiny' (by Billy) in issue nos. 35 and 36 and 'Shorty' (by Mr Grumpp) in issue no. 41.

The title changed for one week only in issue no. 60 to Ye Twitz Of Ye Ritz when Mr Grumpp decided to hold a mediaeval banquet to attract customers.