Speech Bubbles
Drawn by Ken Harrison

44 appearances (over 44 pages) from issue no. 60 (09/03/74) to no. 103 (04/01/75).
All were printed in colour on the back cover.

Spookum Skool was a spin-off of Skookum Skool which had been in BUZZ from the first issue (and went on to appear in every issue). The teacher/unruly pupils theme is repeated here with a twist - they are long-dead ghosts and lessons in such subjects as flying, making things float and 'The History Of Haunting' take place in Skookum Skool at night.

The four pupils are broadly the equivalents of those in Skookum Skool (there is no girl this time). Their names are revealed to us as Phatty Phantom, Giddy Ghoul (both in issue no.61), Headless Henry, and Skinny Spook (the following week). [ They were joined (with no explanation) by a skeleton in issue no. 87 when they went to a local hospital to get some bandages for a first aid lesson (and had fun scaring the wits out of the staff in the process). The following week the skeleton appeared again - this time (confusingly) scaring the four pupils as they arrived for school. "Huh! It was only Sidney Skeleton!" said Headless Harry as the skeleton laughed. Eventually the kids got their revenge by introducing Sidney to some 'friends' - a pack of bone-hungry dogs - who chased Sidney away. He did not appear again.]

Spookum Skool was referenced a couple of times in Skookum Skool. In issue no. 83 Dizzy pretends to be Headless Henry (one of the 'pupils'in Spookum Skool), and in issue no. 99 the kids are inspired to "give Teacher a fright with spooks" by pretending to be ghosts, after reading Spookum Skool in BUZZ. At the end Teacher asks the 'new boy' to take his cap off. Headless Henry obliges by taking his head off and gives them all a fright and says to the readers "See you on the back page!"

Both strips resurfaced in the first issue of CRACKER two weeks after BUZZ folded, along with another spin-off, The Snookums, which was about Skookum's lower school. Skookum Skool was initially retitled The Headhunters, becoming The Headhunters of Skookum Skool the following week. All three strips took up the four centre pages under the banner of 'Skooldaze'.