Readers' Feature
Text with odd visual joke
Drawn by various artists

97 appearances (over 69 5/6 pages) between issue No 4 (10/02/73) and no.101 (21/12/74).
Did not appear in issue no. 5.
All were printed in red/black.

"Doctor, doctor!", "waiter! waiter!","what's the difference...?" and other jokes, riddles, limericks, "batty books," and the odd poem or shaggy dog story sent in by readers.

A solicitation (with examples) for readers to send in a "joke, funny story or verse" to Postman Knox appeared in the first issue of BUZZ. Every letter printed would receive a £1 postal order. This doesn't sound much but remember BUZZ itself only cost 3½p so you could buy 28 copies of BUZZ and still have 2p change. Imagine THE BEANO offering 28 times its cover prize for a letter and you get a better idea of the worth.

The first 'letters' to be printed appeared in issue no 4. I say 'letters' as the jokes printed were not credited to anyone - comics went to press several weeks before they appeared in the newsagents, so no letters would have arrived by then. This state of affairs lasted to issue no. 11 when A. McDonagh of Hinckley became the first reader to be acknowledged (and presumably win a £1 postal order - see image right).

One way to make a bit of money would be to copy a joke from the Postman Knox page and send it in as your own. Step forward Bryan Gunn, who is credited with the same joke printed word for word (but with the addition of an exclamation mark) in issue no.34 ...

... and Andrew Lea, who had it printed in issue no. 82, though he had the decency to tweak a couple of words.

Joking apart, I'm not sure whether BUZZ readers did plagiarise the jokes, genuinely sent contributions independently, or DC Thomson staff wrote the material and made the credits up (although in issue no. 84 two readers' addresses are printed in full, i.e. including house number and street). Maybe it was a combination of all three, but the example is not a one-off. I have documented around a hundred similar examples and I'm sure there are a few more that I missed. Usually the jokes have been tweaked a little but they are essentially the same joke.

Reprinted material occurred as early as issue no.19 with a limerick from issue no 11 (circled in blue, above) appearing as a 'Choice Chuckle'.

The ink wasn't quite dry on a joke printed in issue no. 49 before it re-emerged in issue no 51, but as it's credited to the same person it's probably a genuine mistake.

A stronger candidate for the fastest reprint was another joke that also appeared in issue no. 49. That was reprinted only three weeks later in issue no. 52.

One joke appeared in exactly the same place in two different issues (nos.42 and 52).

At the opposite end of the spectrum a joke that originally appeared in issue no. 9 was repeated in issue no. 100, a gap of 91 weeks.
This wasn't the only joke from issue no. 9 to be repeated - in all there were five, a figure equalled by issue no. 14.

There are three contenders for the most repeated joke. All were repeated three times (i.e. appeared four times in total), but two were tweaked sufficiently enough to be marked down. In time honoured fashion here they are in reverse order.

In third place ... In second place ... In first place ...

Postman Knox' address changed in issue no. 78 to POSTMAN KNOX, 'BUZZ', 20 CATHCART ST., KENTISH TOWN, LONDON NW5 3BN. No address appeared at all in issue no. 101 (Postman Knox' last outing), probably the first clue to BUZZ comic's eventual demise.