Speech Bubbles
Drawn by Bob McGrath

103 appearances (over 103 pages) from issue no. 1 (20/01/73) to no. 103 (04/01/75).
All were printed in colour on page 2.

Old fashioned fun from a boy in short trousers with - amongst other things - carts, model yachts, and telephone sets made from a couple of empty tins and a piece of string (but let's face it - this sort of stuff was old-fashioned even in 1974). Imagine explaining to a couple of kids today how to make a telephone set from two tins and a piece of string and they'd fall about laughing. "What's the point, granddad," they'd say, "we've both got mobiles!" And they'd probably use expletives. And mug you.

The story in issue no. 81 (where Nobby buys some new shoes) is interesting as it follows on from the previous week's story (where he wore his old ones out).

BUZZ comic itself featured prominently in issue nos. 42 and 43; in the former Nobby can't read the comic in his shed as a tree is blocking out the light, in the latter he swaps the comic for a toy bulldozer. Nobby maybe got the idea of making a telephone set from BUZZ issue no. 36 where Sammy (of Sammy's Scribbles) explains how to make one:-

Nobby was one of six BUZZ strips to appear in THE TOPPER AND BUZZ when the two comics merged.

Not to be confused with ... Ginger (The Beezer, 1956-1990)