Speech Bubbles
Drawn by Bill Ritchie

44 appearances (over 15 1/3 pages) between issue no. 17 (12/05/73) and no.102 (28/12/74).
Did not appear in issue nos. 30, 31, 34, 36 to 38, 40 to 53, 68, 77, 81, nor 83 to 101.
The stories in issues nos. 54 and 55 were printed in black and white, the rest in red/black.

Madcap moments from medieval times involving mainly jousting with the odd dragon or damsel in distress (and the odd anachronistic appearance of a hypodermic syringe or tin opener) thrown in.

All stories bar one took up one third of a page. The exception was Good Knight's last outing which appeared in the penultimate edition of BUZZ (no. 102 - also the Christmas 1974 edition but the story was not a Christmas one) which took up a full page. I say full page - the bottom one sixth is taken up by a 'news flash' declaring "THERE'S GREAT NEWS FOR ALL 'BUZZ' READERS NEXT WEEK!". That would be the "great news" that BUZZ would be folding, then.