Speech Bubbles
Drawn by George Martin

103 appearances (over 103 pages) from issue no. 1 (20/01/73) to no.103 (04/01/75).
The stories up to issue no. 49 were printed in colour, the rest in red/black.

Young Kate can be mischievous, but most of the time she gets into trouble it's because of clumsiness. Any attempt to "help out" almost always ends in disaster. Her indulgence in tomboy activities such as football, boxing, and using a bow and arrow do not help. A lot of the calamities occur when she tries to do Dad a favour or when she's out with him.

Up to issue no.75, Dad was virtually a permanent fixture, being absent from only one story (issue no. 66). By contrast Mum was rarely seen (25 frames/11 issues). In the following 34 issues Dad was missing from six (four in the last six issues of Buzz) and mum's "frame count" was 38 (11 issues).

A similar character, Calamity Jane, appeared in THE BEEZER 1956-60.