Text, later Speech Bubbles
Drawn by Gordon Bell

91 appearances (over 45½ pages) between issue no. 5 (17/02/73) and no. 103 (04/01/75).
Did not appear in issue nos. 34,38,75,83,86,88,89,90.
All were printed in red/black.

What does it say on the tin (or the first frame)?

As you can guess, by the last frame they were fighting.

All the Buzzies were identical and nameless, as were all the Fuzzies. It's never revealed how many of each there are, but the largest number seen of both groups is sixteeen in the first story in issue no. 5 (eight of each on either side of a see-saw). The largest number of Fuzzies seen together is ten (issue no. 23) where they try to make the equivalent of a human pyramid at the 'Inverbuzzyfuzzy Athletics Meeting'. The equivalent for the Buzzies is in issue no. 70 where fourteen are seen.

To relieve themselves of the boredom of fighting the Buzzies every day, in issue no. 57 the Fuzzies build a rocket and go to the Moon. To relieve their boredom of not having the Fuzzies to fight, the Buzzies join them. Both tribes remained in a Clangeresque environment until the end of their Buzz days (though the stories in issue nos. 79 and 80 look suspiciously like they are set on Earth).

Speech bubbles first appeared in issue no. 32. Until then the frames had 'editor's voice' style 'narration' in freehand text in the frames (issue nos. 16, 20 and 21 only had 'sound effects'). A Fuzzy was the first to 'speak'. The first word? "Yackabooboo!".

Not to be confused with ... The Whiteys and the Stripeys (Buzz, 1973-74), The Hillys and the Billys (Beezer, 1956-58, 1961-64, 1988-90), The Snobbs and the Slobbs (Nutty, 1980-85), The Swots and the Blots (Smash, 1966-71)…

How would you go about making a Buzzy or a Fuzzy ?
Funny you should ask. The Sammy's Scribbles page included a couple of articles on how to do this.
This appeared in BUZZ issue no.41:-

This appeared in issue no.46:-

BLUE PETER, eat your heart out!

For more on 'how to make things' see the Nobby page to see how to make a telephone set with two tins and a piece of string (I kid you not).