ANNUALS No BUZZ annuals were published.
COMPETITIONS Funny Faces competition (issue nos. 3/4/5, winners/runners-up issue nos. 18/19/20)
COVER STRIP Throughout the length of its run Hop, Skip and Jock was the cover strip.
CRACKER Two weeks after the demise of BUZZ the first issue of DC Thomson's new comic ' CRACKER ' was published. The BUZZ connection is that two of its strips, Skookum Skool and Spookum Skool, transferred there when BUZZ folded (the former as The Headhunters of Skookum Skool).
EVERY Monday
FIRST AND LAST The first edition of BUZZ appeared the week ending 20 January 1973, the last (no. 103) was dated 4 January 1975. Seven strips ' Big Fat Flo, Calamity Kate, Fred The Flop, Skookum Skool , Jimmy Jinx, Nobby, and Hop, Skip And Jock appeared in both issues. Of these only Jimmy Jinx and Big Fat Flo did not appear in every issue of BUZZ.
FORMAT With two small exceptions - 16 pages, each 12 x 16½ inches, loose. Covers and centre pages full colour (both inside and out), others red/black. Same as THE TOPPER (with which it eventually merged) and THE BEEZER at the time.The two exceptions were the Good Knight stories in issue nos. 54 and 55, which were in simple black and white.
FREE GIFTS Issue no. 1 Pop Pistol
Issue no. 2 The Big Buzz Banger
Issue no. 3 The Whoopee Whistle
Issue no. 17 The Tootie Flootie
Issue no. 18 The Zippy Zoomer
IF 'BUZZ' WAS STILL GOING... ... the current issue would be 2499 (dated 5 December 2020).
PRICE The first 77 issues cost 3½p each. From issue no. 78 to 103 the price was 4p. To have bought all the copies of BUZZ at the cover price would have cost £3.73½.
RECORDS SHORTEST RUN ' Uncle Dan The Medicine Man occupied the centre pages for the last 13 issues. These were sporadic and out of sequence reprints of originals that had appeared in THE BEEZER during 1966 [The original run was 51 weeks from issue No.526 (12/02/66) to No.576 (28/01/67)]. The shortest run of an original BUZZ character was Gus The Galoot's run in the first 16 issues. He also holds the record for LEAST PAGE AREA covered at 5 1/3 pages (the strip covered one third of a page).
LONGEST RUN ' Calamity Kate, Fred The Flop, Skookum Skool, Nobby, and Hop, Skip And Jock appeared in every issue.
LARGEST PAGE AREA ' Sammy's Scribbles covered 134 pages over 86 appearances from no. 18 (19/05/73) to no.103 (04/01/73).
SUMMER SPECIALS No BUZZ summer specials were published.
THE TOPPER BUZZ ran for 103 issues before joining with its DC Thomson stable mate THE TOPPER. The first issue of THE TOPPER AND BUZZ was No 1145 (11/01/75). The 'new fun-chums' TOPPER readers got to meet were Big Fat Flo, Fred The Flop, Jimmy Jinx, Nobby, Sammy's Scribbles, and Sleepy Ed. Fred The Flop and Nobby had been ever-presents in BUZZ. Unlike when SPARKY COMIC joined THE TOPPER two years later (and for that matter when CRACKER, and later PLUG, joined THE BEEZER), the BUZZ characters were not given their own centre-page pull out. After 43 issues as THE TOPPER AND BUZZ, Big Fat Flo and Sleepy Ed were dropped and the following week, issue no. 1188 (08/11/75), 'BUZZ' was dropped from the title. Sammy's Scribbles survived to issue no. 1228 (14/08/76), Nobby to no. 1357 (03/02/79), Fred The Flop to no. 1736 (10/05/86), and Jimmy Jinx to no. 1881 (18/02/89).
XMAS Two Christmas issues of BUZZ were published - no. 50 (29/12/73) and no 102 (28/12/74).