Speech Bubbles
Drawn by Phil Millar

101 appearances (over 44 1/3 pages) between issue no. 1 (20/01/73) and no.103 (04/01/75).
Did not appear in issue nos. 35 and 39.
The story in issue no. 30 was printed in colour, the rest in red/black.

From the days when fatties were funny, you could find 'speak your weight' machines on street corners, food was kept in a large walk-in cupboard marked 'larder', and café's offered 'All you can eat for 50p'.

All amusement centred on Flo's size, weight, appetite or thoughts of food. The story in issue no. 52 probably has the least to do with these.

Up to issue no. 40 the strip covered one third of a page, after which the strip was expanded to half a page (except for issue no. 89 which was two-thirds of a page).

Big Fat Flo was one of six BUZZ strips to appear in THE TOPPER AND BUZZ when the two comics merged.

Not to be confused with ... Big Fat Boko (Topper 1953-67)